Live Sound equipment

Our service specialized in any equipment rental which from detailed to comprehensive stuff. Most of the production services can be covered such as corporation events, festivities, conventions, full arena concert, theatre etc. We have a comprehensive audio department with the latest innovative equipment suited for all your challenges. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members will ensure that you will sound your best.

Innovation and professional

Technological innovation and expertise has always been Miso Tech philosophy. Our goal is to provide the most professional, quality sound engineering services. With years of experience and technology in sound engineering, our team is able to accurately understand the needs of each project on the production, make the most professional and appropriate working arrangements.

Live Broadcasting and Recording

We realized that people impressed by a wonderful and memorable concert. Therefore Miso regarded the live broadcasting and mobile recording technology with prior obligation. The professional and satisfied service was provided for many concerts, the symphony orchestra, the musical and some special programs. With the spirit to make progress of sound recording technology continuously, our equipment were choose with advanced and professional quality.

About Us

We provides a wide variety of sound reinforcement equipment and services.


Miso Tech use professional, new equipment, the best performers target presenting timbre. In the Sound System, we use the following professional brand: d&b ,L-acoustics,Meyer sound,Avid ,Yamaha,SSL.etc


Miso Tech believe that with a brand new health equipment and professional a major factor. Therefore, we in addition to continuously acquire and wide exhibition equipment, but also very focused on equipment maintenance and repair to ensure that customers can use all the time stable operation of the equipment.

Continued development of relations

we believe that good communication and cooperation in respect of production,relies on a more continuous and professional services ,is long and continuity, our professional team spirit to work for each production are intentions,enthusiasm.

Our miso Team

The most professional sound company, you've ever seen. Want it? Feel free to contact us.


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